"You Are Not the Creative One"

This photo got me right in the gut. I see a picture of myself in the future, and I have taken a few steps to get me there, but the truth is that I won't get there unless I let go of who I've been. I need to open my hands and let go of the "me" that I have been holding onto so tightly.

I grew up believing I was creative. I wrote poetry in my teen years and I excelled in high school Creative Writing/Language classes. I would doodle, plan events, and once I was married, I decorated our house. I was creative with words, posters, and bulletins. I never questioned my creativity.

Many years ago when I worked in a church, another girl and I were running the youth group. During a meeting, as we were planning an upcoming event, the pastor said to me, "You are not the creative one."

Those six words impacted me greatly ever since. Because of one person's opinion, I believed that I was, indeed, not creative. It held me back from doing many things and limited my involvement in certain events. When someone asked me to do something, many times the first thing to come to my mind would be, "I am not creative." Sometimes I would even say it out loud.

It became a limiting belief and it was the filter that many of my choices were made from.

Sad. Limiting. A lie.

I have been listening to Les Brown for a few years now and he sums up this whole creativity concept succinctly and memorably:

It can't get much clearer than that.

Watch out, peeps! The creativity in this girl has been unleashed! I have opened my hand that was so tightly wrapped around the lie that I am not creative and released it!

I am creative. We all are. We were made that way and no one can take that from us. The best part is that it looks different for everyone! That's what makes life so exciting!

I would love to hear about the ways that creativity is played out in your life! Please, share your creativity with me and the world!

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