Konglomeration is a word I learned when I worked at Kelsey's Restuarant over 20 years ago. On the menu it was spelled with a 'K' because it was Kelsey's Konglomeration. Gotta love alliteration! (Actually, I do. It is my favourite literary device.)

Conglomeration is what this site is going to be about. I enjoy many different things and I have other blogs/websites that are devoted to specific topics, so this one is more me. It will encompass many things that make me who I am - the fun, the thought-provoking, the deep, and the joyful. I will share photography, celebrations, random sightings, deliberate studies, and, perhaps, controversial and hot topics. I will likely throw in a recipe or a work out every now and then.

I will blog a conglomeration of topics!

I am very excited about tomorrow's post... celebrations!

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